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One-touch translation

Application for convenience translation during reading in a foreign language as well as learning and practising new words.

Translation of words on the fly, directly on the phone screen. The ability to quickly translate words with one click, without having to switch screens.
The second option is to embed the APPTED icon in existing services and applications.
The product allows you to connect external general and thematic dictionaries, third-party manufacturers.


Your learning technology


Download link from Google Play

Available with Russian - English, English - Russian translation languages.

Work is underway to update the application in the direction of adding translation languages (French - English, English - French). An updated version will be available on Google Play.

Application features


The product allows you to connect external general and thematic dictionaries, third-party manufacturers.


Personal dictionary accumulates words in the process of using the translating tool. The personal dictionary is built as a system of passive-active dictionaries.


The learning process is based on regulated transactions between these two dictionaries and can use self-learning algorithms.


Application advantages

Learning foreign languages through your own working material

To improve learning and memorization, audio, video, images, and real objects that are input through the camera, or from the Internet are used, and are linked to the vocabulary during the learning process.

Deep learning and artificial intelligence

In applications, the use of these technologies is not explicit, although it is obvious that their elements are present in the learning algorithms.


Our story

In our modern and globalized world, it is very beneficial to speak in a foreign language. Do you know how is it important to learn foreign languages and make it without frustration and pressure and in your own way? 
Nowadays on the market exist hundreds of applications in the area of studying a foreign language. The main feature and at the same time the drawback of all of these products is that they are using the predefined materials, like vocabulary, in the process of education. This can be useful for beginners but for people with intermediate level and upper this is time wasting, since they already familiar with all provided content. The process of studying a foreign language at this stage is a switching to an interaction with a real material such as reading books of web sites. And this is a painful and unproductive experience since there are a lot of new language and no way to practice this language afterwards.

Would it be nice to have ability to combine the process of working with own material, written in a foreign language, for example, reading a book or web page with the process of studying a foreign language? Therefore, we have created a mobile app that helps people to solve this problem. Firstly, the reading will be simplified by providing tools for instant translation inside the application, without switching context for translation. This would help users to enjoy reading since they will not lose the focus, what would make reading more natural.  
Secondly, after finishing work with own data, people can obtain their personal vocabulary and later continue to practice it. This would make the studying more productive by focusing on important details for them, and again will significantly save their time.

This is exactly the idea which we come up last summer at the time of studying English at one of ESL schools. We have found that the existing products for learning a language which are presented on the market have not satisfied our needs as intermediate level students. From that moment we decided to create an application which will satisfy our needs. Based on our own experience, we decided to make a product for other users, due to there are not exist such application on the market. Our product provides tools for integration the process of reading and instant translation using different formats of documents and the process of studding on the base of completed materials.

Why Us?
The idea is based on our own experience
Firstly, as I mentioned before – we were in the same shoes as others who were trying to learn a foreign language. Therefore, our deep understanding and own experience of this educational issue allows us to solve the problem through a holistic approach.
APPTED was tested on us and our friends
The second interesting thing is that while we were engaged in research, we discussed the main problem with teachers and tested our application both on ourselves and on other students. Their feedback was fundamental in our survey.
We have a balanced team of developer and businessman


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